I travel a lot for business and I need more time at the office than at the airport. CLEAR is great as it whisks me past the line - and you never know how long the line for security will be at any time of the day until you get there. CLEAR processing is fast and being assisted by a CLEAR personnel through the process and through…the line [is great]. I love it!

Raul, CLEAR Member since 2009

I fly frequently, with SFO as my home airport. CLEAR has made my travel life predictable. If I’m only carrying on a bag, which I often do, I know exactly how much time I need to budget for security. I budget 10 minutes which is usually double what I need. It means I get to sleep an extra 30-60 minutes when I have morning flights. I LOVE CLEAR! You should try it!

Ellen, CLEAR Member since 2008

I absolutely love CLEAR at DIA! Not only is it fast, but the people are always so friendly. I spend about 4 minutes on average from scanning my boarding pass to pulling my bags off the belt from screening. You have made my travel life a little less hectic- and for the road warriors, anything to make travel easier is music to our ears! THANK YOU

Lisa, CLEAR Member since 2012

I had ankle surgery and am on crutches. I never truly appreciated CLEAR until I zipped through security versus standing line, trying to drag my bags while on crutches. Thanks Clear!

Shaun, CLEAR Member since 2011